Model Course 1



This course is Developed to give students, ground skills, in model making, or  3 dimensional sketching, in a variety of materials. Hereunder Styrofoam, Polyurethane foam (Renshape – Cibatool) PVC plate and polyester Padding. Spray painting is a part of the lecture too.

After the course, the students are able to manufacture a precise model, after a drawing.

The course can be run in 1 wery intense week, or in two weeks under normal conditions.

The students will only have the need of a hobby knife, sand paper, pencil, compas and a place to spraypaint.


In the end of the course, there will be an evaluation of the course and the results.

The succes criteria is that there are no visual differences on the students models, as seen on the picture here.

Do you want your students hand kraft skills, to be significant better in a short time. Abeling them to make their coming projects, visual, superior?

You are welcome to call me for more information.

Language: English or Danish


Students workplace, during the course.








The workshop, during a break.