Light Courses


This course in Light fixture Design starts with an introduction to the electro magnetic spectrum, lightsources, drivers and light technical therms, making the class able to understand and  verbalize about light and different components in lightfixtures.

We are looking at different objects and coluors, under different lightsources in a dark room, and discussing what we see in the light and how it affects the perception of  a person an objects or the room.




Depending of what lightsources we are choosing to use, the course can end up in more or less complexe lightfixtures.

The examples you see here, is from a 6 weeks course, with fixtures, containing different LED light sourses.

Optional is a 14 days periode, with construction of lightfixtures or lamps, around light sources of various kinds.





Contact Kent laursen for a discussion about how we can make a special course for your students or staff.