Formgiving Courses



This course is about giving the students skills in developing form.

After discussing the content of the task with the class, we are starting up with collecting inspirational material, and make moodboards, defining materials, colours, textures, competitors products and others, depending on the choosen product to develope.







Next we are drawing a lot of sidepictures, in a simple line drawing, the purpose is to analyze, which possibillities we have, formwize.

The students must end up with a piece of paper with the 3 favourite sketches copied.






The team of students helps each other to pick one of the three  sketches out, to further develope, in sketching on paper, and 3 dimensional, in light model materials.

The students are consulted individually, during the work with refining form, function and details.







The course can end up with models in light materials, or as you can see in the example here on this page, as models with a high visual quality.







The students are individually presenting their process and results for the class, and are given feedback from the teacher and the class.





The project can be run in between 14 days and a 4 week periode, depending on the students level and background.

Having participated in workshop course 1 can be an advantage, giving superior results, but it is not a must.

The workshop can end up in an exhibition, as seen here.

Contact Kent for a dialog about how we can work together.