Human Factors courses



This course is developed to give the students knowledge about Human Factors or Ergonomics.

We are using standard sheets about Human Factors and ergonomic stencils, to find out of how large the individual student is, compared to other people.

We are developing a product, with a function, and we are making a lot of test models, in a variety of easy manufacturable materials.





The goal is that the students are able to make a product, not only suitable for them selves.

We are using each other, for testing and evaluating the mockups.

Ending up with a product, that are ergonomic optimized, for a specified market.

The models can be made in any of the materials, from course 1, 2 or 3.

If your students partissipated in course 1, or have skills, in model making, already, it is fine.

The course can be run in 2 or 3 weeks.








In the end of the course, there will be an evaluation of the course and the results.

The succes criteria is that the products we made is usable for a broad variety of people, in different sizes.

And that, the student have an understanding of Human Factors, and their relevans, in product development.

Do you want your students hand kraft skills, to be significant better in a short time. Abeling them to make their coming projects, visual, superior?

And do you want your students, to be able to develope consepts, that are convinsing in the perspective of usability.

Call for more information.

Language: English or Danish







The course can end up with an exhibition, at your place or external.

Can you picture the press release, then ill work with your students, in the meantime.