Hybrid Fiber Lighting 2 In cooperation with Energi styrelsen, RUC, DTU Fotonik, DK:




Kent Laursen has taken part in the Development of 4 kinds of armatures, being testet right now at The Hother School in Stevns Comuncipaty, Denmark.

One system is using solar cells and batteries, to lighten up the inside of the school.

The other is a hybride between Optical collecting of sunlight, transporting it throught optical fibers, to armatures, with optics that are spreading the sunlight out, inside the Building, When the sun doesnt shine on the collectors, solarcells and batteries supports with electricity for the LEDs, situated on both sides of the optics. In that way there wil be light, when it is dark outside, too.



Click on the Picture above and you can see the Fishbone armature, which has a Little icon of the sun, in both ends. Lighting up, when the light is made by solar energy.

On the first image, you can see the Black Board armature, with the inscription ” I dette rum anvendes solenergi til belysning” – ” In this room, solarenergy is used for lighting”





This armature is made in 2 variations.

6 of them is using solarcells and batteries and LED as lightsource.

The other 6 in the corridor, are using optical collectors, mounted on the roof of the Building, to send the sunlight throught optical fibers into optics in the armatures, spreading it out Again. When the sun is gone LEDs on both sides of the optics takes over, supportet with electricity from voltaic solar panels, and batteries.






It has been a big challenge to get the switching between lightsources, smoothe. As i had succes with in the Hybride fiberlighting project one, which you can read about, here.  https://www.kentlaursen.dk/research/led-fiber-optics-1/



















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