Hybrid Fiber Lighting 1 In cooperation with Energi styrelsen, RUC, DTU Fotonik, DK:



Read the report about the project here    Hybridfiber1—341-043_rapport

Read a Folder about the project here  341-043_Folder


The project were about, leading the sunlight into buildings, and when the sun does’nt shine LED diodes should take over.

Kent has developed the armatures and the optics, that were mixing the sun and the LED light, and the electronics controlling it, and the light in Helle Trolles beautiful Fiber optic textiles too.

To start with, we were mounting a passive armature ( the one on top, with the green disc ) and an artistic reflecting installation, to observe how effective the system would be, in Denmark, with the amount of light we have here. This armature and the artistic installation, does not use electricity, the light comes direct from an optic collector, on the roof of the building.

The development of the armatures and textiles were done at Designskolen Koldings facilities.

You can read all about the project and all the persons and institutions participating, in the report.



Read about it in this publication from Ministry of Culture Denmark

Coverphoto and  Page 36

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Take a look at this movie about the project ( Danish version )




English version    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6qKy9ZSzlA&feature=related





Parens Optic solar collector





















My Project partner Vibeke Risberg








LED sign, telling about the project








Helle Trolles Mushroom cloud in Optic Fiber










My Project partner Helle Trolle










Fiber optics








Helle Trolles Fiber Optic Textile






















Passive test Armature










Optics made for experiments in acryllics








My desk during the project








Version 1 of the Hybride Light source for mounting in existing lamps

It consists of  1 optic part, a radiator for cooling, 1 pcs. of 10 W LED and 2 Fiber Optic Bundles






Optic experiment







Optic experiment









The Final version of the hybride Armature version 2, for lighting up a working place   .