Solar Water Plant



Solar Water Plant is making clean drinkingwater for villages and refugeecamps around the globe.

It prevents waterbourne diseases to spread, in poor arrears

It is easy to transport, put up and maintain.

No Co2 emissions as only the sun is used to pasteurize the water.

A test system was put up at the lake Tanganyika in Tanzania. In villages that all have
had cholera outbreaks in the past five years. The method together with hygienic
advices and pit latrines could not only eliminate cholera but also reduce the
frekvency of diarrhoea by 90%.

Transportation to rural arears can be a large challenge.
This system is weight optimated and protected during transportation, by itself, as
the watertanks is functioning as transport packaging.

Putting up the system must pass off without the need of extra parts or without doubt
about how the different parts must be connected.

The design of the modules makes it easy to mount the system without mistakes.

It is produced in Tanzania, by local workers.

Creating workingplaces in Africa.