Light armature T5 Lightmakers


Stepline is a T5 armature, that can be used in many ways.

Here you see it built into fences and walls at Sluseholmen Copenhagen.

It is constructed for lighting up walking arrears in a way that it isnt blinding.

It is sold by Lightmakers, a company in the Louis Poulsen group.

You can see it in use and read more about it in the pdf hereunder.


















This is an example of, how a functional  model can be used in the development of a product.

The model were used in light tests and measures by Louis Poulsen, before the final product were constructed.

As seen in the last picture, the armature wasnt having the correct luminicens in the upper and lower end.

The model helped to make the final adjustments.




2 component Polyurethane in a rubber mold.








Many pieces molded together to a part with the same 2 component material.








The result after molding.








Different parts of the model.








The model doesnt send out light, correct in each end.

It could have been much more expensive to develope the product, without this model showing the defects.