Street Furniture GH Form



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Sluseholmen is a new built part of Copenhagen. An old harbour arrear has been reneewed, and inspired by the canals of holland and the differences in the buildings, the new part of the city has arrised.

This street furniture series has been produced by GH Form.

It is drawn in a geometric formlanguage, after the archicects wishes by Arkitema, so it fits in to the architecture.

The series consists of Benches, Dustbins, Pollards, Bike Parkings, Drains and Wood Hole Rists


















Reflective material can be seen from all angles.













The bikestand can be used in two directions. depending on, which end is dug down, the visible part, is rounded or square in the end.

There is mounted material in each side, so the bikes wount be scratched by the rusty metal.

Bikes can be locked to the stand.






















The drains is constructed in a way, that they are self cleaning.

The rain will do the job, and you wont see sand sedimenting in any corner of it.